Bethany United Methodist Church

Wednesday Night Activities

Wednesday Night Bethany NOW
Join us for dinner and Fellowship at 5 p.m.
Classes and activities for children and youth at 6 p.m.
Classes for adults at 6:15 p.m.

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Festival of Carols

We Are A Church That Cares


Bethany is good at the nurturing of our flock. Care teams, Stephen Ministry, a Nurture Pastor, Sunday Schools, hospital ministry, counseling and countless other ministries happen every day through Bethany. We envision the creation of new nurture ministries, built on small group models, to foster the development of small groups for growing disciples through prayer, devotion, bible study, witness and fellowship. Patterned after the Wesley Class Meeting, these groups will grow into accountability groups that encourage the development of every member of Bethany’s discipleship.

There is no more important nurture ministry than our work with children and youth. They have always been of critical importance to the people of Bethany. We have always believed that we are called to care for them and their Christian development. In the coming years we will need to look closely at our ministries with these critical parts of our family and make both staffing and funding of this work a higher priority. Over the next five years, we will need to employ additional staff in Christian Discipleship ministries for adults, youth and children.


Outreach is about taking the church to the community; being the church in the world. Whether it is next door or overseas, we will reach out with the love of Christ to minister.

We envision a church so committed to missions that every member is engaged in assisting our ministry of missions. We envision a “missions coordinating team” that plans strategically for missions, receives mission suggestions from the congregation, then manages the development of our mission ministry over the next five years. They will look strategically at our mission work and assign new mission endeavors to our Local, Global and Evangelistic Outreach teams.  We will develop the funding of world class mission engagement through a separate stewardship campaign focused on missions and centered around the Easter season.


We see worship as the first priority of the church.  Gathering to offer corporate thanks to God is foundational for the ministry of discipleship. We are in the business of growing disciples of Jesus Christ.  Over the coming months, we will aggressively focus our worship efforts on enhancing our worship opportunities and the quality of the worship experiences offered by Bethany. We will look strategically at our worship offerings to determine their effectiveness and how each of them may be enhanced. We will find ways to encourage our members and others in the community.  We will also look at the expansion of worship opportunities to other possible venues that meet the needs of an expanding community.

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