Music Ministry


Welcome to the Music Ministries

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Bethany United Methodist Church and the various Music
Ministries. We are blessed with a myriad of musical opportunities and numerous gifted people who are
willing to give their time and talents to praise God.

Within the Music Ministries at Bethany we currently have three adult choirs, the Chancel Choir which is the
largest choir of usually 45 to 50 composed of adults who enjoy singing excellent choral literature of diverse
styles and genres; the Chamber Singers which is a smaller select group of 12-16, usually from the Chancel
Choir, who sing primarily a cappella literature from the Renaissance through current sacred literature; and
the Bethany Men’s Ensemble is a smaller group of singers, composed of men from the Chancel Choir and
congregation who sing sacred men’s literature primarily in four parts. The Chancel Choir is the primary
choir of the traditional services held in the sanctuary and generally at least one service each week. The
Chamber Singers sing at one service per month and at special seasons such as Christmas and Easter. The
Bethany Men’s Ensemble sing at least one service per month and also sing during special seasons such as
Easter and Christmas.

We have three children’s choirs at Bethany UMC. The Pre-K choir is the Cherubs who usually sing Mother’s
Day, Children’s Sabbath, Christmas Eve and various other times for the Prelude. The Melody Choir is
composed of kindergarten through second grade singers and often join with the Wesley Choir. The Wesley
Choir is composed of singers in the third through fifth grade who sing at least once a month during the
academic year as well as a special production in May. The Wesley and Melody Choir also sing Children’s
Sabbath, usually the last Sunday of October, the Festival of Carols in December, Christmas Eve and Palm

We are very excited to announce that our Youth Choir will begin rehearsing again beginning Sunday
September 10 at 3:45 PM. The Youth Choir will sing once a month generally at the 8:45 service and, also at
special services such as the Festival of Carols, Christmas Eve and during the Easter season. Additionally, it
is our hope and prayer that the Youth Choir will grow in numbers and potentially take a Mission trip in the

One of our premier groups is the Imogene Williams Handbell Ensemble composed of 14 – 20 ringers. The
Imogene Williams Handbell Ensemble ring once a month as well as special services such as the Festival of
Carols, Easter and sometimes attend Handbell festivals and conferences in the state and region.
Finally, the Bethany UMC Brass Quartet is composed of four players who will play once a month during the
offertory as well as special music for Christmas. We will begin monthly rehearsals Thursday August 24 at
7:00 PM.