Evangelical Outreach

The mission of the Evangelistic Outreach Committee is to spread God’s Word through special events and ministries that allow members of Bethany UMC to interact with non-religious and nominally religious people both in and outside our community. The Evangelistic Outreach committee also provides financial support to missionaries in South America, Pakistan, and the United States.

In the very neighborhoods where we live, there are many people living around us who are not active members of a church. Of this group, many have no religious affiliation at all. The mission of the Local Evangelistic Outreach (LEO) Committee is to consider how the church can reach out to people in such a compelling way, that those who are outside of Christianity are drawn into the faith and fellowship of God’s people.

LEO takes part in furthering such Bethany ministries as the Bethany booth and picnic grounds during Summerville’s annual Flowertown Festival and the Living Christmas Story.

The very heart of the Church’s mission, given to the disciples as our Lord was ascending into heaven, is to go into “all the world” and make disciples of all nations… (Matthew 28:16).

The central ministry of our church is the work of making disciples, both at home and around the world, but how does the church recruit missionaries? How do we support those in the field? How do we teach the people about the centrality of the ministry of disciple making? How will Bethany be involved in “Great Commission” ministries? Those are the questions addressed by the Global Evangelistic Outreach Committee.