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General Information for Building Usage • Application for the use of Bethany facilities will be made by completing a Facility Request Form and submitting it to Communications Office of Bethany United Methodist Church • Requests should be made as soon as practicable to ensure availability of facilities, equipment and staff support. • The Board of Trustees must receive this application at least 30 days in advance of the requested usage date to allow for proper review of the application. • All requests will be considered on a first-come basis. The Bethany UMC designate will notify the responsible party (Bethany member) in writing (email) of approval or denial of the request based on the decision of the Board of Trustees. In the event a cancellation becomes necessary, all efforts will be made to provide a minimum of two weeks’ notice to the applicant and alternative arrangements will be attempted. The program needs of Bethany United Methodist Church will have priority over all facilities usage requests. There are times when due to incidents beyond our control, we may need to relocate or cancel events. • The Board of Trustees may revoke any agreement for continuing use of the facility, upon proper notice. • Multiple related requests may be completed on a single request form; however, a request form must be signed for each use. • Bethany reserves the right to deny use to individuals, groups or organizations that do not take proper care of facilities or mishandle the technical equipment. • The responsible party (Bethany sponsor) must sign the request form accepting liability for compliance with Bethany’s facility use policies and the appropriate care of facilities and equipment. • The applicant group agrees to waive all liability claims to Bethany United Methodist Church during their use of the facility and agrees to provide their own insurance coverage during their presence on the property. Gym usage will require current certificates of liability. • If custodial assistance is requested, applicable fees will be assessed. If groups wish to set up and clean up themselves, no custodial fees will be assessed. However, if the postusage inspection determines additional cleaning to be required, the custodial staff will correct the discrepancies at two times the listed custodial rate and these charges will be assessed the applicant. • Groups selecting to open the Fellowship Hall or Friendship Circle, perform their own setup/clean up, and not requiring any additional assistance, may pick up the key from the Church Business Office upon payment of applicable fees and leave a refundable $20 key deposit. The applicant is responsible for properly securing the facility upon departure and insuring the lights and appliances are turned off. • If specific custodial requirements are needed (i.e., doors opened by a specific time, tables and chairs arranged), a diagram clearly illustrating your arrangement request must be attached to the request form. It will be necessary to include the number of tables and number of chairs required along with the requested layout and facility opening requirements. • The use of kitchen fees does not include wait staff, bus staff or the washing of kitchenware. These services are available for an additional fee to be determined per event. White linen table cloths are available for use for the fee of $5 per tablecloth. This fee will be assessed to cover the charges associated with cleaning and will be applicable for all uses. • All applicable fees must be received by Church Secretary in advance of requested usage date. All applicable fees for facilities usage, technical assistance, kitchen use must be paid prior to the event. The needs of the Bethany UMC take priority.
Please note that an * requires approval from the Recreational Ministries & Food Services Directors
Assistance needed with Audio Visual/Technology, Powerpoints, Micrphones, TV & Digital sound, etc.
Bethany UMC has been blessed with facilities that facilitate the Church’s ability to achieve its vision and purpose of “winning souls to Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” It is the intent as well as the desire of the Church to offer its facilities and campus to our members as well as those non-profit organizations that share a belief in the principles of the Christian faith and are sponsored by a Church member. *
Bethany Members Personal Use & Also Wedding Fees Sanctuary $100 Sanctuary (Choir loft for rehearsal only) $50 Spell Chapel $50 Fellowship Hall $100 Fellowship Hall $50 Technical Support Staff (Per 2 hrs) $150
Charges for Bethany Members Personal Use Sanctuary $100, Sanctuary Choir Loft Area $50, Spell Chapel $50, Fellowship Hall $50, Fellowship Hall 1/2 $50, Friendship Circle $25, Classrooms, No Charge, Gym, No Charge.