Bethany Autumn Tea Room

Oct. 25-29 & Nov. 1-5

11:30am  – 2pm

The annual two-week event helps to raise funding for missions supported by Bethany UMC.  These include our Ecuador Mission project, state-wide efforts through Bethany’s Early Response Team and many local mission organizations.

Imagine a menu with crisp and fresh ingredients, intermingled with long-standing delights such as June’s Chicken Salad or Shrimp and Grits.  The menu is influenced by the true essence of an Autumn day in the Lowcountry.  And of course, lots of homemade desserts.

We feature a Gift Shop with many unique hand-crafted items for your shopping pleasure.  The Fresh Market offers homemade baked and canned goods, as well as North Carolina apples.  A number of Silent Auction items are on display to be bid on throughout the two weeks.

Come join us for great food, fellowship and support of our mission partners.

We offer all of our food to-go.  Please use this link to order online.  Delivery is available for four or more orders within a five mile radius.  If you have a large order for delivery, please contact

Link to online ordering 

Help Out

Over 60 volunteers are needed each day to make the Tea Room a success.  Please consider helping in one of the following areas:  Click link below to sign-up to volunteer.  If you have any trouble signing up online, please contact Ann Gill or Emily Vick at 843-873-1230, and they will be happy to assist you.

Dining Room


These are the first people that visitors see when they come to the Tea Room.  They greet guests, assign tables and escort patrons to their seats.

Wait Staff

No experience is needed to be a part of our wait staff.  The simple menu makes it easy to take and fill food and drink orders.  You will be assigned a section of tables to work and ensure that patrons have what they need to enjoy their time at the Tea Room

Section Assistant

The dining room is divided into 4 quadrants, and these positions cover one quadrant each. They assist the wait staff in filling drink orders, delivering food, or anything they need.  They will also assist the bus staff.  Basically, anything that is needed in that quadrant, they will assist with. 

Drink Station Staff

These positions work to ensure that all drink orders are filled in a timely manner.  They keep the drink station stocked with supplies, and work with the kitchen to make sure that beverage containers remain filled. 

Bus Station Staff

Working as a team, bussers clear and clean tables after patrons have left their table.  It is important to get tables cleaned and reset as quickly as possible, so that we can seat another group. 

Dessert Hostesses

Who doesn’t love dessert and these hostesses are the stars of the show!  Using carts, they rotate through the dining room with a variety of pre-plated desserts for patrons to pick from.


Food Preparation

All our food is prepared each day.  Those working in the kitchen will help with preparing items for plating, keep food items stocked on the serving line and follow guidelines from the Kitchen supervisor.

Plating Food

Working with the kitchen, these positions ensure that the prepared food is placed on the plates correctly.  Each person will be given a station for the day and will only have 1-2 items to plate.

Drink Station Support

These positions work to make sure that the drink stations in the dining room always have plenty of tea, water and coffee. 

Dessert Prep

All the homemade desserts are delivered to the dessert area, where these positions accept them and determine the order they will be offered.  Slicing, plating and labeling each dessert help the dessert hostesses stay ahead of the orders.


Maybe the most important position!  They wash the dishes as they are brought to the dish room, and deliver cleaned items back to where they need to be.

Gift Shop


This smiling face greets patrons after lunch and invites them to take a look in our fabulous Gift Shop.


As patrons visit the gift shop, volunteers are needed to answer questions, help with restocking and straightening, and assisting shoppers.


Once purchases are made, this person puts the items in a bag.  Items are wrapped as needed to ensure safe travel.  Bags are completed with tissue and ribbon.


Order Prep

As online orders come in, these positions work to fulfill them and prepare them for pick-up or delivery. 


We deliver within a five-mile radius, so drivers are needed to deliver orders.

Things to remember about volunteering at the Tea Room:

Please arrive by 10:30 each day (unless otherwise stated in the sign-up) and be prepared to stay until things are cleaned up, usually around 2:30.

Dining room volunteers should wear black or khaki bottoms and a white shirt.  We will provide an apron.

Kitchen and to-go volunteers should wear comfortable clothes.  We will provide an apron.

Gift Shop volunteers should wear nice casual clothing.

Everyone, except Gift Shop volunteers, must wear closed-toe shoes.

ServSafe guidelines will be explained to all volunteers.


Each day we offer homemade desserts to our patrons.  These are the highlight of the Tea Room.  Here are some guidelines for what works and what doesn’t due to our storage limitations and serving style.

Variety:  People like seeing things that are familiar (such as Texas Sheet Cake) as well as different and new (like Candy Cake).

Heirloom Desserts:  Multi-layered desserts that bring back memories i.e. Chocolate Layer, Carrot, Coconut, Red Velvet, and Hummingbird cakes.

Pies:  Fruit, Peanut Butter, Coconut, Lemon Meringue & Toll House are always hits.

WOW Factor:  Desserts that make an impressive presentation.

What Doesn’t Work

Any dessert that we can’t cut “pretty” or loses its shape on the plate.

Higher than 6” – we have to cut each slice in half, and it doesn’t present as well

Things that must be kept frozen.  No frozen pies or ice cream.

No cookies, brownies or bars.  These are too “everyday”.

No store-bought desserts. Your imperfect dessert from home is much more appealing than anything store-bought.