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Bethany Now Spring Classes

Disciple II Into the Word, Into the World

Disciple II Into the Word, Into the World Marc Jacques

This is a condensed version of the 36-week Disciple II Bible Study. Genesis and Exodus were studied in depth during the 12 weeks in the Fall. Luke and Acts will be studied in depth during the 12 weeks in the Spring. Participants will purchase their study books and use their own Bibles. This is perfect for those who wish to study these books more deeply. Even if you did not attend in the Fall, you may still join in the Spring. Room 238

The Beatitudes

Fast Track Disciple I

This study is based on and supported by various scripture both in the New testament and the Old Testament It's important to understand just what being "blessed" means in our relationship with God. Without that understanding the Beatitudes lack true meaning and understanding. David Powell Room 237

Aging Wisely: Navigating the complicated world of Senior Care

The Heart of the Caregiver

If you are a care-giver or anticipate becoming one at some time for a parent or spouse, this information will be extremely valuable. Topics to be covered include: Elder Law, Home Health Care, Stages of aging to include independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing care, Hospice, Social Workers, VA Assistance, The Ark, Stephen Ministries, and Geriatric Medicine, Downsizing and talking to your parents. See separate list of speakers. Come to all or some of the classes that interest you. Various Speakers Room 240

Financial Peace

Financial Peace

This tried and true financial planning program will help you get out of debt and help you avoid getting into debt! Based on Biblical principles, you will learn to take control of your spending and eliminate money-related worries in your life. Planning for the future and paying off the past will help you live at peace with your financial status. Narcie Jeter Room 239

Line Dancing

Fast Track Disciple II

This class is fun and great exercise! Peggy and JC are excellent teachers who love to dance and know plenty of different dances. You will learn new dances and enjoy the ones you have learned previously. Peggy and JC Ridgeway Back of Fellowship Hall

Plarning /Up-Cycling

Plarning /Up-Cycling

Donna Brasher – Room 122 The Up Cycling ministry crochets sleeping mats for homeless Veterans. Ordinary recycled plastic grocery bags are cut into loops to make plastic yarn {PLARN} that is used to crochet the mats. Crochet tote bags will also be made using PLARN. Come join in and learn how to do this.

All Classes for NOW will meet on Jan. 8, 15, 22, 29, Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26 Apr.22, 29, May 6

March 4,11,18,25, Apr.1 Lenten Services will be held instead of classes for adults.       Children’s classes will still be held.   


Bethany NOW Children Activities

Preschool Options

Cherub Choir                                                                                                                                 Friendship Circle Room

Choir for children 3 years old through pre-K 5 year olds.  They learn basic Bible songs while incorporating movement.  The Cherub choir sings at both the Word & Table and traditional 8:45 services on a regular basis. 

Sprouts – Growing in Faith Room 110

Bible story time for children 3 years through pre-K 5 year olds.  They hear basic Bible stories combined with playtime.

Elementary Options

Melody Choir Sanctuary

Choir for Kindergartners through 2nd graders.  This group learns songs to enhance their faith.  The Melody Choir sings at both the Word & Table and traditional services on a regular basis. 

Wesley Choir Sanctuary

Choir for 3rd – 5th graders.  This group learns more advanced songs of the Christian faith.  The Wesley Choir sings at both the Word & Table and traditional services on a regular basis.

Homework Hotspot Room 127

An alternative to choir and a place for kids to catch up on homework.  There will be a volunteer in the room.

Crafting Faith Room 121 (Art Room)

A brief Bible study with an Arts & Crafts component.

Please make sure to pick up children NO LATER THAN 7:30 pm each week.


Bethany NOW Nurseries

Pre-K – 5 Years old

Nurseries are available on Wednesday evenings for children from birth to 4 years old from 5:00 to 7:30 pm. The Wednesday evening nursery locations are:

Birth to steady walkers Room 115A

Toddlers up to 2 years old Room 115B

2 year olds Room 111

3 & 4 year Olds Room 109

Nurseries are also available for many studies and activities during the week. Please contact the person in charge of your event to comfirm if a nursery will be offered. To request a nursery for a specific event, please contact:

Nursery Director Teri Bazzle.