Wednesday Nights

Fellowship + Faith + Food

Bethany Now Wednesday night Fall Classes 2023

Join us on Wednesday evenings for Faith, Food & Fellowship.  Every week adults, students and kids gather to eat, learn and grow in their faith.  Join us for a meal in the Fellowship Hall so you don’t have to worry about dinner plans and stay for a class.

Bethany NOW Schedule

5 – 6pm     Dinner in the Fellowship Hall

6 – 7:30pm     Kids Activities

6:15 – 7:30pm     Youth and Adult Activities

Classes should provide at least 6 people for serving and 6-8 for clean-up.
Please arrive by 4:30pm to serve, and by 5:30 for clean up.

Disciple 1 Fast Track

by Marc Jacques Room 237

Disciple Bible Study is 12-week experience for people seeking comprehensive engagement with biblical text. Participants will have the opportunity to take a spiritual gifts assessment and determine meaningful ways they can serve and live out their discipleship commitment. Participants will purchase their study books and use their own Bible. This is perfect for those who wish to study the bible more deeply.


Led by Tom Thurman & David Powell Room 240

An in-depth look at the United Methodist Church. This class will cover church history, what we believe, church structure and modern United Methodism. Learn about the early church, what it means to be part of a connectional congregation, and what are our basic practices and beliefs. This class is for those who are new to the UMC, as well as anyone who would like to learn more about their church or dive into what it means to be United Methodist.

Plarning Mat Ministry

Led by Clara Stoner Room 122

Ever wonder what to do with all of those plastic grocery bags? We have an answer! The Plarning Mat Ministry takes common plastic bags and weaves them into sturdy sleeping mats. The bags are cut-made into a plastic yarn, known as plarn, and using the same technique as knitting a rug, are then knitted together to make a durable, waterproof sleeping mat. These mats are then given to those who might not have a comfortable, dry place to sleep at night. No experience is necessary – even if you can’t knit help is needed to sort and prepare the bags, cut them into the plarn and of course weave them together.

Dream Big/Undistracted by Bob Goff

Led by Mary Lynn Harlow Room 239

During half of the Fall, through Dream Big, Goff will take you on a journey to rediscover your dreams and turn them into reality. You will be shown how to clearly define your dreams, identify obstacles holding you back, create a specific plan for reaching goals and develop the tools that will help you act on the plan. Dream Big is the book to help you uncover the wild and exciting dream for your life you’ve hidden from yourself, and help you take the steps to achieve it. In the remaining time, through Undistracted, Goff will show you how to get back on track so you can live your life with real purpose and joy. He will help you learn the destruction of distraction, identify the distractions in our lives and catch a vision for the future. Undistracted will show you the benefits of living a life of undistracted love and authentic connection. Participants will purchase their own study books.

Creative Sewing

In Blue House

Bring your own project (sewing, knitting, cross stitch, etc.) that you are working on and join us for an evening of fellowship.

Trivia with Michael

Led by Michael Ritter Fellowship Hall

Safety & Assistance Team Training

Led by Mike Mercer

God has always used His people to accomplish His tasks. Bethany’s Safety and Assistance Ministry team members use their gifts and experience to serve the church preparing for medical emergencies, assisting with on-property transport, natural disasters, and possible criminal activities in coordination with our local police presence. Come to our training presentations to discover why and what we do and the goals for the future. You may be led to be a member of this vital ministry. Different leaders will lead discussion on the following topics: Intro to Safety & Assistance, Medical Response to Emergencies, Childcare Safety Requirements, Parking Lot Situations, Provision of Assistance, Weather Related Issues, Coordination with Local Authorities, Intelligence Sources of Possible Threat Activities, and more. Be a part of this vital ministry on Wednesday evenings beginning Sept. 6.


$9 Adults

$7 Seniors 65 & Older

$5 Kids 12 & Under

$25 Family (immediate family only)

Bethany NOW Children Activities

Children’s Activities

6:00 – 6:45

Cherub Choir – ROOM 233

Choir for children who have already turned 3 years old through Kindergarten. They learn basic bible songs while incorporating movement. The Cherub choir sings at both the Word & Table and traditional 8:45 services on a regular basis.

Melody Choir – Sanctuary

Choir for 1st & 2nd graders. This group learns songs to enhance their faith. The Melody Choir sings at both the Word & Table and traditional services on a regular basis.

Crafting Faith – Art Ro0m

For kids 3rd – 5th grade. A brief bible study with an Arts & Crafts component. This session will focus on Women of the Bible.

6:45 – 7:30

Sprouts: Growing in Faith – Room 110

Bible story time for children 3 years through pre-K 5-Year old’s. They hear basic bible stories combined with crafts and playtime.

Wesley Choir – Main Sanctuary

Choir for 3rd – 5th graders. This group learns songs to enhance their faith. The Melody Choir sings at both the Word & Table and traditional services on a regular basis.

Crafting Faith – Art Ro0m (121)

For kids Kindergarten-2nd grade. A brief bible study with an Arts & Crafts component. This session will focus on the Fruits of the Spirit.

Volunteers walk children from one activity to the next.  Please make sure to pick up children from their second activity promptly at 7:30.

Bible Adventures – Room 124

VA class to help with Bible skills (finding verses, knowing the books of the Bible, etc.) and to learn about worship elements.


Bethany NOW Nurseries

Nurseries are available on Wednesday evenings from 5:00 to 7:30 pm.

The Wednesday evening nursery locations are:

Birth to 2 1/2 years old Room 115A

2 1/2, 3 and 4 years old Room 115B

 Nursery Director Susanne Corbett