CDC Drop Off / Pick Up


The back parking lot (where the pick-up lines are located) has been designated for CDC parent parking. Please do not park in front of the church

as those spaces are intended for church visitors, the elderly and handicapped parking. Children are to arrive at school no earlier than 8:55 a.m. By arriving too early (before 8:55 a.m.), teachers do not have sufficient time to prepare the classroom and/or materials that are necessary for the day. By arriving too late (after 9:05 a.m.), you short change your child of some very important center time, socialization, and cooperative learning. Children arriving at school after 9:10 a.m. must first come to the CDC office to be signed in before proceeding to their classroom.

Parents always have full and free access to their child (ren) unless court order stipulates otherwise. Only the parents (or legal guardian), or the people they authorize on the registration form, will be allowed to pick up their child. Any other arrangements, either temporary or permanent, must be submitted in writing to the CDC office. In the case of a last minute emergency, a parent must call the CDC office and the message will be relayed to your child’s teacher or caregiver.

If it is necessary for parents to pick up their child early, they must come to the CDC office at least 30 minutes prior to dismissal to sign their child out. They will be given a pass to pick up their child from the classroom. Children may not be picked up while waiting outside in the car rider line unless in a vehicle.

Parents who are late picking up their child must come to the CDC office to sign their child out. Late pick-ups can be very unsettling to young children. Therefore, anyone who is more than five minutes late picking up their child will be given one free late pick-up. After that, habitual late pick-ups are subject to a late pick-up fee of $1.00 for every minute they are late more than five minutes.

For the safety of your children, Bethany CDC has a drive through pick-up for all children. We will make every effort to complete the pick-up process as swiftly as possible. You will be given a map of assigned pick-up areas. Please follow the instructions carefully.

S.C. Law requires that all children this age be in seat restraints appropriate to their height and weight. 

You will be given a large color coded sign with your child’s name and class on it on the first day of school each year. This sign must be placed in your front window everyday. If you are picking up more than one child you must display this sign for each individual child. For security purposes, you may not duplicate or substitute your own signs. If you should lose your sign or require additional copies, they are available through the CDC office at a cost of $2.00 each