CDC Drop Off / Pick Up



CDC families should park in the back parking lot where the portico is located. Handicapped spaces are available along the side of the lot. Please do not park in front of the church Welcome Center or on the memorial bricks in front of the Sanctuary.


Please enter the building through the double doors under the portico and walk your child to their classroom. Classes begin at 9:00 am and teachers will be ready to greet your child beginning at 8:55 am.

 After 9:10 am the doors will be locked and will remain locked during the school day. Families that arrive after 9:10 am will need to call the phone number on the door to be let in and stop by the CDC office to sign in prior to going to the classroom.


In the afternoon, please park in the back parking lot and walk to your child’s classroom to pick them up. All classes will dismiss at 1:00 pm. Your child’s safety is important to us, so we will be requiring picture IDs until we get to know each of you personally.

 If you need to pick your child up early, please stop by the CDC office to sign them out before going to the classroom. You will be given a pass to give the teacher.

 If someone other than the child’s parents will be picking up, they must be on the child’s authorized pick-up list, and they will need to stop by the CDC office before going to the classroom. The child’s pick-up list will be checked, and the adult will be asked to provide a photo ID. All changes to your child’s pick-up routine must be sent to the CDC office in writing.


Parents who are late picking up their child must come to the CDC office to sign their child out. Late pick-ups can be unsettling to young children. Therefore, anyone who is more than five minutes late picking up their child will be given one free late pick-up. After that, habitual late pick-ups are subject to a late pick-up fee of $1.00 for every minute they are late more than five minutes.