All children will bring a
packed lunch to school each day. Lunches should be ready to safely eat. This
means that all foods need to be cut to an appropriate size and foods that are
choking hazards should not be included. Please label your child’s lunchbox with
their first and last name and include all utensils, etc. they will need. Due to
severe allergies, we are a peanut free school. If your child brings a sandwich
with Sun Butter or another peanut alternative, please label it. Foods
containing peanuts will not be opened and will be sent back home. We cannot
heat or refrigerate lunches. If your child’s lunch needs to stay cold, please
include an ice pack.



Please send your child to
school with a fresh bottle of water each day. SC DSS requires that all water
bottles/cups are labeled with your child’s first and last name. Please do not
send drinks other than water in your child’s water bottle.