Purpose / Objectives:

Our goal is to provide a kindergarten program in which learning is both enjoyable and purposeful based on clearly defined goals.

Bethany’s objective is to help each child develop a positive self-image and to be ready for entrance into the first grade.

At Bethany we are committed to helping young children grow and develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually in a developmentally appropriate, Christian atmosphere. Our staff strives to provide a warm, nurturing, and safe environment where the individual child is provided a positive learning experience.

Kindergarten CURRICULUM


The Bethany CDC kindergarten curriculum is centered on the developmental needs and interests of five-year-olds and aims to foster independence and growth in the areas of social, emotional, spiritual, physical and academic development. We understand that young children learn best through hands-on experiences in a nurturing environment, so we strive to create an engaging, positive classroom environment where students feel valued and supported. The South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards, provided by the SC Department of Education, guide our instruction in early literacy, math, science and social studies. (A complete listing of the SC kindergarten standards can be found by visiting the SC Department of Education website at

Research supports the value of small class sizes and low student to teacher ratios like we have at Bethany CDC. In addition to facilitating effective large group activities, our small class size and low student to teacher ratio provide opportunities for small group and individual instruction as needed. Our academic program is supported by a variety of high-interest learning centers that encourage creativity, teamwork and problem solving. The kindergarten classroom at Bethany CDC provides a wide variety of high quality academic materials that facilitate learning and exploring. Each child’s individual needs are honored throughout our instructional day and creative expression is encouraged in all areas.

Our kindergarten program provides several opportunities for enrichment beyond academic instruction including monthly field trips, guest presentations, fine arts classes and time outdoors. Our monthly field trips to local farms, theaters, libraries, plantations/gardens, museums, etc. give students the opportunity to explore the community and learn in unique ways. Weekly art classes introduce our kindergarten students to famous artists and the elements of art as the children enjoy the process of creating their own masterpieces. Music classes are held twice a week and incorporate movement and singing while students learn about musical genres and instruments. Children spend time outdoors daily playing, exploring and building their small and large motor skills.

Spiritual education is a cornerstone of our kindergarten program. The inclusion of prayers, Bible stories and monthly chapel lessons help the children develop an appreciation for the presence of God in our lives and the understanding that each person is one of God’s special creations.

 Kindergarten attendance is required in the state of South Carolina. In the event of an absence, a written excuse is required.